Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Homeschool Summer Reading

While browsing through some books for Homeschool Summer Reading, I became captivated by reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Indian Boyhood, The Secret Garden, White Fang, The Wind in the Willows -- all online and quickly available for reading in just seconds!

How I would have loved that as a child! Growing up in a rural farming community -- far from libraries and bookstores -- I hungered for literature to read, daily! Hence, I read and re-read cereal boxes intently, junk mail, front and back, and devoured the Reader's Digest when it finally arrived in the mail.

I would've never dreamed that it could be possible to click a button on a machine and have access to all the great literature in the world! Amazing!

You and your children can access all this, too! Here's one site to get you started. Some of the books include illustrations. But make Homeschool Summer Reading even more fun by encouraging your children to create their own illustrations for the books!

Books for Young Readers:


For more on Homeschool Summer Reading, see our "Books to Read" page on our Everything Homeschooling site.

Books to Read for K-12:


Happy Homeschooling!

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