Thursday, October 23, 2008

Online Curriculum for Homeschooling

An online homeschool curriculum should be easy-to-use, interesting and educational, very inexpensive, and not an off-shoot of a public school system.

Remember -- repeat often -- "Homeschool is not school-at-home!"

Homeschool is a "learning lifestyle" -- fun, enjoyable, stimulating, flexible, full of variety, full of new adventures and new learning experiences -- just like life itself.

When one tries to turn homeschool into "school at home," the homeschool experience and the benefits quickly disappoint and disintegrate. Those who deny this fact, will see it play out before their very eyes. And then say, "Homeschooling didn't work for us" or "Homeschool wasn't right for us."

Actually, homeschool can and will work for everyone, and it can be right for anyone. It just requires a little "opening up" of the mind, to understand that it is not school-at-home. It cannot be "run" like a "school-at-home."

Often, parents will try to seek the perfect homeschool curriculum, trying to emulate the schools. This can result in a failed homeschool experience, simply because -- Why? That's right! -- "homeschool is not school-at-home!"

In addition, it can be a very costly mistake! Before looking at a curriculum, look to your children. See how they learn best, see what they want to learn, see where their interests lie. Then you will begin on the path to a truly successful educational experience!

Yes, your children will want and need knowledge. And, yes, you and they will want some guidance. But that "guidance" should not be costly, nor boring!

We can easily help you with a successful, educational homeschool experience, through the online Curriculum Guidelines that we provide.

Plus, we include fun, interesting Daily Homeschool Activities and Weekly Homeschool Lessons that support homeschool curriculum guidelines. And we go even further, by providing Weekly Challenges, Hands-On Projects and Experiments, Artistic Endeavors, Life Skills, and much more -- in ways that children and teens enjoy and remember!

Never hesitate to ask us for assistance. Visit our Online Curriculum Guidelines, Daily Homeschool Activities, and Weekly Homeschool Lessons at

We are always here to help homeschool families, and to ensure that online homeschooling is easy-to-use, interesting and educational, and very inexpensive!

Happy homeschooling!

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