Friday, August 28, 2009

Homeschool Lessons for Grades K-12

See some of the Homeschool Lessons and Fun Activities covered in just the First 3 Weeks of the New Homeschool Year!

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These Lessons and Activities are available at the appropriate learning levels for all Grades K-12 in the Weekly Lessons for Weeks 1 through 3. And there's much more available for all the weeks ahead!

For all the topics listed below, we provide Numerous Activities and Resources. This results in dozens of interesting activities in every Subject Area. And these are just a few examples of the First 3 Weeks!

Language Arts:
- Creative Thinking & Creative Writing
- Reading Exercises & Reading Comprehension
- Phonics + Spelling + Grammar Games
- Book-Making Activities
- Books-to-Read Suggestions
- "Reading Log" Updates
- Turning "Discussions into Writing"
- Creating Picture Books
- Authors Everyone Should Know
- Different Types of Literature
- Reading Literature "Right Here, Right Now!"
- Hundreds of Creative Writing Ideas & Story Prompts
- Reading & Language Arts Worksheets for All Grade Levels
- Book Suggestions for All Subjects Areas

Social Studies:
- Learning Geography through Animals
- Camviews Around the World
- Online Maps for Geography Studies of State, National, and World Regions
- Map-Making in Your Neighborhood
- How to Create "Virtual Maps"
- Historical Biographies
- Historical Buildings, Landmarks, & Architecture
- Creating & Recording Family Histories, Interviews, & Family Traditions
- Historical Figures
- Historical Events & Eras
- Worksheets for Social Studies, History, Geography, Government & Economics

- Devise New Ways to Measure
- Make Geometric T-Shirts
- Money Concepts & Shopping Games
- Math-Solving Rules & Strategies
- Mental Math Techniques
- Hands-On Math Fun
- Consumer Math & Economics
- Brain Boosters for Every Day
- Word-Problem Worksheets
- Worksheets on all Math Concepts, Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing, Fractions, Decimals, etc. + Advanced Math, Geometry, Graphing, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus

- Learning the Constellations
- Making a Constellation Viewer
- Planets and Solar System
- Constructing a Solar System
- Insect Zoos & Animal Zoos
- "New Creature Creations"
- Living Things vs. Nonliving Things
- Nature Walk Activities
- How to "Think Like a Scientist"
- Loads of Science Experiments
- Science Games + Science Worksheets for All Grades

Life Skills & Health:
- Cooking Activities
- Nutrition & Healthy Eating
- Physical Fitness
- Exercise Fun
- Activities for Endurance, Strength, & Flexibility
- Loads of Recreational Games
- Good Character Traits
- "Hero" Traits + Everyday Heroes/Heroines
- Heroes in Greek Mythology
- How to Be a Hero
- For Parents: How to Care for Self + Reduce Stress

Arts, Crafts, Music, Hobbies:
- Arts & Crafts to Keep You Busy All Year
- Art Games that Teach about Art & Artists
- Art Appreciation
- Art Timelines
- Musical Eras
- Composers & Compositions
- Musical Games & Instruments
- How to Make a Variety of Instruments
- Listening to & Singing Along with Dozens of Songs
- Constructing & Creating Crafts for Any Theme or Occasion

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