Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Everything Homeschooling Book!

The new, updated Everything Homeschooling Book is now available on our website at

The 300-page, glossy-cover book provides all the help you need to homeschool your children from Kindergarten through High-School Graduation.

This Book Provides:

* Low-Cost Homeschooling Hints
* Free Learning Activities
* Curriculum Guidelines
* Unit Studies and Thematic Learning
* Unschooling and Natural Learning
* Typical Homeschool Days
* Learning Styles and Homeschool Methods
* Record-Keeping and Organizing Tips
* Only-Child Homeschooling
* Multiple-Children Homeschooling
* Single-Parent Homeschooling
* Working-Parents Homeschooling
* Gifted and Special Needs Homeschooling
* Homeschool Help through All the Years
* High School and Teen Years
* College and Career Preparation
* Chapter-by-Chapter Resources and Tips
* Curriculum Providers and Homeschool Resources
* How to Avoid Burnout and Keep Homeschooling Fun, Interesting, and Educational.

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Happy Homeschooling!

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