Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Books for Homeschooled Kids on Our Homeschool Message Board

What are your child's/children's favorite books? As homeschoolers, we often find books that are interesting -- BUT they revolve around a classroom, a teacher, or school event. This can be a disappointment to our homeschooled readers who don't relate closely to those situations.

Has this been an issue for any of your children?

On our Homeschool Message Board at www.EverythingHomeschooling.com, we asked this question.

A Homeschool Mom replied with descriptions of a few books on homeschooling that she and her children have read:

1. Allison's Story: A Book about Homeschooling – It’s about homeschooling, which is nice. But it’s not our style of homeschooling….

2. I Am a Home Schooler – We liked this book better. It’s more like reading about a child’s “typical homeschool day.”

3. Kandoo Kangaroo Hops into Homeschool – It’s okay for very young children, but we preferred I Am Learning All the Time.

4. I Am Learning All the Time – Our 5- to 7-year-olds liked this book. It also helps others see that homeschooling is a process of learning-through-discovery and through everyday events.

5. Shouldn’t You Be in School? – This book “rings a bell” with all homeschooled kids who are often asked this question!


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