Thursday, July 1, 2010

No. 1 of 365 Homeschool Activities

The Number 1 Criteria for homeschooling your children is to understand that homeschooling is not “school at home.”

Homeschooling is not a mysterious, difficult task.  Rather, it's a pleasant, natural part of living each day.

We repeat this often on our site and throughout my Everything Homeschooling Book.

Why is it important to remember that homeschooling is not school-at-home?

Because it’s the one area that causes the most frustration -- and often failure -- for homeschool families. Misconceptions and unrealistic expectations trip up even the most well-intentioned family.

Some parents might find themselves trying to fill two full-time roles in the home -- as a parent and as a schoolteacher -- which adds unnecessary stress to their lives.

You needn’t turn homeschooling into "school at home" nor turn it into an overwhelming task.  Homeschooling is simply a part of everyday parenting, of interacting with your children each day.

There's no need to stand in front of a desk to teach and instruct!

There's no need for textbooks, tests, and quizzes!

Your role is to help your children learn by providing guidance, resources, assistance, and encouragement to start them on the road to an enjoyable educational experience.  Listen to your children's ideas; be in tune to their interests and suggestions.

You can still have structure in your days, without each day mimicking a traditional school day.  Remember that learning is a natural part of living, and homeschooling is a natural part of your family’s lifestyle.

Today's Activity:  Ask your children what they'd like to learn about or what new hobbies they might like to learn. Then jump into those activities and have fun learning, right alongside your children!

Happy homeschooling at!

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