Monday, July 5, 2010

No. 5 of 365 Homeschool Activities

If your children aren't sure what they'd like to learn about, or where their interests lie, help them with this activity.

Today's Activity: Each day, have your children write a sentence (on individual strips of paper) about something they like. Maybe it's baking, bicycling, building things, or anything else they enjoy.

Also, on individual pieces of paper, have children jot down something new they'd like to learn -- such as how to play the guitar, how to crochet, or how to create a web page.

Place the strips of paper in a basket, bowl, or jar. Each day, add more strips of paper containing ideas and interests to the basket or jar. Every time an interest or idea comes to mind, have your child add it to the container.

Shake up the container and have children draw a strip of paper from it each day. Use that idea as your "Learning Guide" or "Activity Guide" for the day. If the idea on the paper isn't particularly interesting at the time it's drawn, have your child put it back in and draw another!

Try to keep dozens and dozens of ideas circulating in the Idea Container at all times!

Happy learning, and happy homeschooling at

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