Monday, November 24, 2008

Educational Christmas Gifts for Children

The holiday shopping frenzy is underway, and many are wondering: What are good gift ideas for children?

Toys or games that stimulate creative thinking, wonderment and discovery, artistic skills, and motor skills are always enjoyed by children.

- Creative Thinking Toys: These can include building and construction toys, such as LEGO's sets, Hexabits sets, Superstructs sets, ZOOB sets, Gears building sets, LaQ construction medium, Dado Squares, Quadrilla marble sets, Frigits marble sets, Kapla building sets, Zome building systems, Uberstix sets, Wedgits sets, GeoMag sets, PixelBlocks, K'Nex, Capsela, and the traditional Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets, TinkerToys, and Wooden Building Blocks.

- Wonderment & Discovery Toys: Chemistry sets, microscopes, telescopes, erupting volcanoes, tornado tubes, storybooks, adventure books, ant habitats, Sea-Monkeys, butterfly gardens, Magnetic Space Puzzle, Science Magnets, Solar Robots, Solar Cars, Terrariums, Plant-growing sets, Snap Circuits sets, Physics Workshop, and other science sets and activity books.

- Artistic Skills: Art & craft supplies, finger paints, watercolor sets, paint-by-numbers, Crayola sets, scrapbook kits, Fractiles, mosaic art kits, stained glass kits, pottery and sculpting sets, Nature-Sketching Journals, fashion-design kits, car-design kits, mask-making kits, Play-Doh, clay, Rock Painting, sidewalk chalk, Colorforms, model kits, EZ Build Projects, easels, chalkboards, yarn crafts, beading sets, paper doll collections, wire figure kits, I Can Play Guitar, drums, keyboards, hand bells, xylophone, rain sticks, recorders, and other musical instruments and art supplies suitable for your child's age.

- Motor Skills: Marble shooting games, Tiddlywinks, Jacks sets, Pick-Up Sticks, juggling sets, jump ropes, Hula Hoops, yo-yos, Sensory Balls, Cranium Hullabaloo, magnetic Dart boards, magnetic toys, puppets, Pogo stick, Hopscotch, Maze games, beading sets, jigsaw puzzles, pretend play sets and figures.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Weekly Homeschool Lessons & Homeschool Activities

How do you find weekly homeschool lessons to keep your children actively involved in learning each day? New Weekly Homeschool Lessons are provided every week at

It's simple, easy homeschooling, designed to make your homeschool run smoothly every day. It's a huge time-savings for you, too! The homeschool lessons and the homeschool activities are right there at your fingertips, any time, day or night! The research has been done for you, and your children can start learning and exploring right away, in a fun, interesting way.

At, just click on the appropriate grade level for your child, by selecting Grades K-2, or Grades 3-8, or Grades 8-12 Weekly Lessons, in the menu on the left of the page. You'll then have thousands of homeschool activities available to you and your children.

In addition, there are Hands-On Activities, Homeschool Unit Studies, Virtual Field Trips, Writing Activities, Creative Thinking Activities, Unschooling Activities, Book Lists for Homeschoolers, Weekly Challenges, Science Experiments for all ages, and much more.

The site is there to make your homeschool experiences enjoyable, educational, and successful! Don't miss it!

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