Saturday, May 29, 2010

End of Homeschool Year

Assess and Evaluate

The end of the homeschool year is a good time to evaluate the past year and plan for the year ahead. You might be like us -- we often start each year with more plans than we can work into nine months!

We have high expectations for each year and might feel let-down if we don't accomplish everything we've planned. But don't fret about those things not accomplished! Just make note of them and work them into next year's plans, or try slipping some of them in during the summer.

Summer Catch-up

If you didn't get around to the study of the solar system in science this past year, don't fret. During the summer, visit the library and choose some nicely illustrated and informative books on the solar system. Read them together on lazy summer afternoons.

If possible, visit a planetarium. Or rent a video from your library on the sun and solar system. Pop some popcorn and sit down with your children to watch and discuss the video.

Get the family involved in making a mobile of the sun and the planets. Your children can invite their friends over to take part in the fun, too. Let them work on the project on the back porch or on a table where they'll have plenty of room to spread out their materials.

Do the same with a variety of topics and learning activities over the summer.  But keep the activities fun and interesting, so that it doesn't seem like homeschooling!

Learning Ideas

For more ideas, see our Free Activities, Summer Activities, Articles, Daily Calendar Fun, and more on our Everything Homeschooling site at!

Happy summer!