Thursday, January 31, 2019

Learn Through Nature

Nature is all around us -- the woods by our house, the park down the street, the yard outside our back door. Take 20 or 30 minutes today to explore your yard, park, or woods. Then, in a small notebook, jot down everything you notice during your explorations. This can be your field guide to the natural world surrounding your home or neighborhood.

Draw your observations in your notebook, too. Even a quick, rough sketch of a few things you and your child noticed will help you recall your field trip into nature. Over the coming week, revisit the notebook and sketches, and research nature's beauty: the crystal ice formations in a puddle or creek, the patterns found on a pine cone or fern leaf, the intricate chimney of a crayfish.

Why -- and how -- does the magic of nature occur? Read, research, question, discuss, and learn! Nature provides a bountiful education covering a world of topics for all ages!

Happy homeschooling from!