Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Everything Homeschooling Book!

The new, updated Everything Homeschooling Book is now available on our website at

The 300-page, glossy-cover book provides all the help you need to homeschool your children from Kindergarten through High-School Graduation.

This Book Provides:

* Low-Cost Homeschooling Hints
* Free Learning Activities
* Curriculum Guidelines
* Unit Studies and Thematic Learning
* Unschooling and Natural Learning
* Typical Homeschool Days
* Learning Styles and Homeschool Methods
* Record-Keeping and Organizing Tips
* Only-Child Homeschooling
* Multiple-Children Homeschooling
* Single-Parent Homeschooling
* Working-Parents Homeschooling
* Gifted and Special Needs Homeschooling
* Homeschool Help through All the Years
* High School and Teen Years
* College and Career Preparation
* Chapter-by-Chapter Resources and Tips
* Curriculum Providers and Homeschool Resources
* How to Avoid Burnout and Keep Homeschooling Fun, Interesting, and Educational.

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Happy Homeschooling!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Plan Homeschool Lessons & Homeschool Lesson Plans

Use These 5 Tips to Plan Your Homeschool Lessons:

1. As you go about your day, think of topics that you and your children would like to learn more about.

2. Keep several small notebooks handy for jotting down learning ideas as they come to you throughout the day.

3. Briefly search book websites, such as, to find books to complement your topics of interest.  For History lessons, for instance, you'll find "The Civil War for Kids" or "The American Revolution for Kids."  For Science experiments, try "Science in Seconds for Kids" or "150 Captivating Chemistry Experiments."  Note the book titles on your "Library List" and take a field trip to your local library this week to pick up the books.

4. With your ideas and books in-hand, spend a comfy afternoon relaxing, sipping tea or hot chocolate, and jotting down homeschool lessons for the coming week.  Use each book's table of contents and the index for lesson plan ideas, including reading and writing activities, hands-on projects and art-related projects, plus math and reasoning exercises, all gleaned from the books you've selected.

5. Follow this format with every topic or idea that comes to mind, and you'll have plenty of homeschool lessons and activities for each month.

Or, Use the Homeschool Lesson Plans Already Created for You and Your Children:

1. Visit our website at

2. Click your child's grade level and follow the "Weekly Homeschool Lessons" outlined for you.

3. If you'd prefer to follow the "Free Homeschool Lessons" and "Free Creative Writing Lessons," you may click on those, instead of the Weekly Lessons.

4. Print the "Weekly Planner Log" and "Reading Log" Sheets from our "Homeschool Forms" page, and fill them out with the "Weekly Lessons" and "Books to Read" Suggestions.

5. Do lots of fun Hands-On Activities and Experiments to complement the Weekly Lessons. Keep the Log Sheets, your child's completed projects, and photos of projects in your child's portfolio or homeschool binder or box.

Happy homeschooling!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year + New Homeschool Lessons!

Happy New Year to Homeschool Families everywhere!

We at wish you all the best with your homeschool experiences and homeschooling goals for the coming year.

Remember that we are always here for you, every day of every week, throughout each year.

We answer all your questions, offer support and guidance, provide an interesting homeschool curriculum and weekly homeschool lessons, plus daily activities for learning fun every day of the week!

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Have a wonderful, interesting, and educational homeschool year!

Happy homeschooling!