Thursday, July 27, 2017

Back to Homeschool + Summer Fun

I hope all of you had a fun, memorable summer!

My heart always drops a bit as soon as I see the “Back-to-School” commercials on TV or “School Sales” in the stores – in July! In my mind, July still embodies the “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer” – picnics, swimming at the lake, or simply playing in the sunshine and letting daydreams consume my mind.

Childhood summers are special and should be as long as possible. There will only be one summer when your child is six, only one summer when your child is eleven, only one summer when your child is fourteen. Each summer should be treasured. These wonderful, carefree summers will be gone far too soon.

Whatever their age, your children should be able to enjoy their childhood summers to the fullest. Each summer should be full of fun, explorations, and great memories – even if the summer is “only” spent in your home and backyard. That’s where many of the most wonderful childhood memories are created!

So walk on past those “Back-to-School” sales in the big stores! Ignore those TV commercials!

Rather than purchasing paper, make your own paper as a fun experiment and learning activity. Read about the history of paper-making, too. The act of making their own paper is something your children will always remember.

Rather than buying backpacks, let children make their own by sewing, quilting, crocheting, or leather-crafting. Then, instead of filling it with school supplies, fill it with picnic supplies and spend a day at your nearest beach, pond, or park, learning about nature and biology, first-hand.

Rather than buying pencils or pens and those required boxes of tissues (for classrooms that will be full of colds and flu), encourage your children to pick up paintbrushes and shred colorful tissue paper. Allow them to express themselves while creating splendid mixed-media art or colorful collages.

And because they’re able to learn at home and have the freedom to explore real life – at their own pace, in their own ways – the memories of their childhood will be memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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Happy homeschooling!