Monday, April 23, 2012

More Free Homeschool Activities

 5  New Things to Learn This Week!

Imagine if you learned 5 new things
every week. How many new things would you learn in one year? And in two years? (Have children do the math! 5 new things x 52 weeks = 260 new things a year; times 2 years = 520 new things learned!)

Here's 5 new things you can learn through our Free Activities page:

1. How to filter water (in the Earth Day Activities)
2. Which birds build camouflaged nests (Bird Nest Building)
3. Why and how shapes are found in nature (Finding Shapes in Nature)
4. How much weight paper can support (Paper Structures)
5. How to create a Civil War Timeline (Civil War Activities)

In addition to our Free Activities, we provide approximately 4,000 Learning Activities through our Weekly Lessons! Our Weekly Lessons provide Daily Learning Activities in each subject area: Language Arts and Literature, Social Studies, Math, Science, Life Skills, Health and Safety, Arts, Music, Crafts, and more.

See our Home page, to learn New Things this week, at:

Happy homeschooling!