Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Everything Homeschooling, Homeschool Help, & Love of Learning

I came across the 1st Edition of my Everything Homeschooling Book a while back. Someone had highlighted various passages with a yellow marker.

It was interesting to read the parts that "clicked" or made an impression on that reader. Here's just a few of the passages that she (or he) highlighted in my book:

* "Children are natural learners, and parents are natural teachers."

* "Homeschooling, however, is not 'school at home.' Rather, it is a lifestyle, a learning style, that is a natural part of each day."

* "Every child benefits from learning in a safe, caring, stimulating environment surrounded by those who truly love and value him. Never doubt that you are the best teacher your child could have."

* "Children are natural learners. Learning is an integral part of their lives, woven throughout the hours that make up each day. As they go about their normal lives, they encounter, gather, process, and grow from the information they naturally absorb. This is learning."

* A statement by former Secretary of Education, Richard Riley, was highlighted. He said: "I believe that all parents, indeed any adult, regardless of his or her station in life, or even their level of education, has the capacity and obligation to teach their children a love of learning."

These are just a few passages from the 1st Edition. The new 2nd Edition of my Everything Homeschooling Book was released in February this year. New chapters were added to the 2nd Edition: "Fun Learning Activities" and "Frugal Homeschooling Hints." Plus, updated homeschool resources and information are included in the new edition.

The new Everything Homeschooling Book also includes homeschool help, activities, and ideas for:

* Veteran homeschoolers
* New homeschoolers
* Single parents
* Two-career families
* Only children or multiple children
* Special-needs children
* Early-years learning at home
* Elementary-years homeschool
* Middle-years homeschool
* High-school homeschool and graduation
* College and career preparations
* Typical homeschool days, curriculum choices, record-keeping tips, and much more!

Visit our online homeschool site at for more information or to purchase the new 2nd Edition of my Everything Homeschooling Book.

Happy homeschooling!