Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Home as School

For years, homeschool families have shared the fact that school buildings are not required for learning and education. Now, nearly every family around the world has first-hand experience and knowledge of this fact.

A long school day is also not required. An hour or two per day is an average timetable, depending on your child’s age. For kindergarten to first-grade levels, the time requirement is about 30 to 60 minutes per day. For elementary-school levels, the time required is approximately 60 to 90 minutes per day. For teens and high-school levels, it’s about 2 to 4 hours per day, depending on their individual electives, studies, and goals.

Of course, outside of these time requirements, children will consistently be learning on their own. They’ll do this automatically, with extra time to experience each day in their own ways, to pursue topics that interest them, and through acquiring new knowledge due to their innate, natural curiosity.

With the Internet, online libraries, and online courses covering every topic imaginable, children can learn anything and everything from the comfort of their homes.

As homeschool families have often said: Homeschooling is NOT school at home. Classrooms, desks, textbooks, test materials are NOT required. Many families now understand this.

Your children simply need a safe, comfortable area where you can spend time together and learn together, read together and have discussions together. A place where your children can experiment and explore, stretch their minds and stretch their abilities, acquire new knowledge and soar in new directions.

Help your children to see that this is an exciting time for their education, to see how much more they can learn and how much farther they can go, without the constraints of school buildings and long schooldays.

There’s no limit to what your children can learn, no limit on how fast and how far their minds can expand. Help them to grasp and make the most of this extraordinary time. And treasure these special moments together!

Happy Homeschooling from EverythingHomeschooling.com!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Fun Experiments!

Fun, Hands-On Experiments! Here are Dozens of Fun Experiments to keep kids learning in all areas of science.

1. Slime, Sound, Iso-Thixotropy, Air Pressure, Airplanes, Buoyancy, Cartesian Diver, and more!

2. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Forensics, Fingerprints, Floating & Sinking Objects, Magic Jumping Coins, Swimming Fish, Wriggle Worms, and much more!

3. Hovercraft, Levitating Orbs, Balloon Rockets, Geodes, Volcano, Bending Water, Optical Illusions, and more!

4. Technology, Geology, Lights, Liquids, Jet-Powered Boats, Bouncing Soap, Dancing Raisins, Telescopes, Solar Cells, and much more!

5. For Even More Hands-On Activities and Experiments, see our:

Free Fun Learning Page

PLUS: Virtual Field Trips, Free Books to Read, and much more!

Happy Homeschooling from EverythingHomeschooling.com!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Virtual Field Trips!

Enjoy Virtual Field Trips from the comfort of your home!

See Animal Cams, Baby Polar Bears, Explore Mars, National Parks, Zoos, Aquariums, and more!

Learn About: Habitats, Animal Behavior, Animal Care, plus Geographic Details and Scenery across the nation.

A Printable Field Trip Form provides space for kids to describe their Virtual Field Trips, what they liked best about the trips, and space to draw pictures depicting the field trips.

See “Virtual Field Trips” at this link on our Everything Homeschooling site:

Click Virtual Field Trips

Happy homeschooling from EverythingHomeschooling.com!

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Learning at Home!

We’ve often said that your local library has nearly every resource a homeschooler needs for learning. If your library is currently closed, you can still use online libraries, either through your local library or through online websites.

For free books, here’s links to great sites for easily reading books or picture books online, or downloading free classics, fiction, or nonfiction on a variety of educational topics.

So even if you can’t visit your favorite library right now, you can still have fun and continue learning every day!

See “Free Books to Read” at this link on our Everything Homeschooling site:

Free Books to Read

Also, continue to share your homeschooling knowledge and experience with all those who are suddenly learning at home, too!

Happy homeschooling from EverythingHomeschooling.com!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

New Year! New Knowledge! New Ideas!

As the New Year unfolds, New Learning Ideas are included on our Free Fun Learning page at www.EverythingHomeschooling.com.


1. New Views of Our Galaxy

2. Fascinating Facts about Our Galaxy

3. Earth – Layer by Layer

4. Science Vocabulary and Terms

5. Dogs - Fascinating Facts

6. Cats - Fascinating Facts

7. Math Strategies

8. Math Flashcard Games

9. Climate Change Teen

10. Reading Aloud for All Ages
- Reading Suggestions for Ages 3-6
- Reading Suggestions for Ages 6-8
- Reading Suggestions for Ages 9-12
- Reading Suggestions for Ages 13+

Visit Everything Homeschooling at www.EverythingHomeschooling.com.

Happy New Year and Happy Homeschooling!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Learn Through Nature

Nature is all around us -- the woods by our house, the park down the street, the yard outside our back door. Take 20 or 30 minutes today to explore your yard, park, or woods. Then, in a small notebook, jot down everything you notice during your explorations. This can be your field guide to the natural world surrounding your home or neighborhood.

Draw your observations in your notebook, too. Even a quick, rough sketch of a few things you and your child noticed will help you recall your field trip into nature. Over the coming week, revisit the notebook and sketches, and research nature's beauty: the crystal ice formations in a puddle or creek, the patterns found on a pine cone or fern leaf, the intricate chimney of a crayfish.

Why -- and how -- does the magic of nature occur? Read, research, question, discuss, and learn! Nature provides a bountiful education covering a world of topics for all ages!

Free Book: To enter this month's drawing for the free book from Everything Homeschooling, visit www.EverythingHomeschooling.com and click on "Freebies". And enjoy your explorations in nature!

Happy homeschooling!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Fun Homeschool Activities and Learning!

We hope all of you had a great summer!

As always, my heart sinks a bit when I see the “Back-to-School” sales being advertised in July! "Hey, it's still summertime in my world!" July and August should consist of the "dog days" of summer, the “lazy, crazy days" of summer – swimming, picnics, ice cream socials, county fairs, and relaxing in the sunshine, letting daydreams dance across our minds.

Soon, though, we'll be gearing up for a new Homeschool Year at Everything Homeschooling. And we have LOTS of interesting and fun learning ideas to share!

Check back often at our website, www.EverythingHomeschooling.com, for 3,000+ learning activities for the coming year.

We make it SO EASY for you to help your children learn at home, at their own pace, in their own ways. Remember: You don't need to be a "teacher" – just continue being your child's parent, the person they love and look up to the most!

Visit us often at www.EverythingHomeschooling.com for fun learning activities and more educational ideas for the coming year!

Happy homeschooling!