Thursday, April 23, 2015

April Learning Activities

The month of April offers many fun learning topics!

What new things can you learn in April? Learn about 5 new topics and surprise your family and friends with your new-found knowledge!

To help you get started, here are some April events you could learn about:

    1. The first ice-cream sundae was made in 1892, and the first iPad in the U.S. was sold in 2010. Have you experienced either of these?
    2. Richard Peck was born in 1934. Who was Richard Peck, and what did he write?
    3. Explorers reached the North Pole in April. Who are some of those explorers? Where is the North Pole, and how might you travel there?
    4. The Civil War ended in 1865. Who surrendered? What is Appomattox, and where is it located?
    5. The Civil Rights Act was signed in 1964. What is the Civil Rights Act?
    6. Beverly Cleary was born in 1916. Who was Beverly Cleary, and what did she write?
    7. The Titanic struck an iceberg and sunk in 1912. What was The Titanic? What is an iceberg, and where might you find more icebergs?
    8. Leonardo Da Vinci was born in 1452. Who was Da Vinci, and what are some of the many things he accomplished?
    9. On April 18, 1775, what famous horseman rode from Boston to Lexington? What message did he carry, and why?
    10. The Curies made an amazing discovery in 1902. Who were the Curies and what did they discover?
    11. Earth Day was established in 1970. What is the purpose of Earth Day? How do you celebrate Earth Day?
    12. William Shakespeare was born in 1564. Who was Shakespeare, and what did he write?
    13. The Hubble Telescope was launched in 1990. What is its purpose? How might you build a model Hubble Telescope?
    14. Charles Francis Richter was born in 1900. What is he known for? Part of his name provides a helpful clue.
    15. What is Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day? How might you celebrate the day?
    16. April 27 is Tell-a-Story Day. Tell a story to family and friends. Also tell them about the many things you learned this month!
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Happy homeschooling!