Friday, January 9, 2009

Homeschool Curriculum & Homeschool Lessons

Do you provide a Homeschool Curriculum?

This is one of the questions we're often asked at Everything Homeschooling.

Yes, we do!

However, different people have different concepts of what a curriculum is. By definition, a curriculum is "a course of study" or "a set of courses."

The Weekly Homeschool Lessons and Homeschool Activities at follow, or complement, the "Typical Course of Study" that most educational institutes follow across the nation.

Yet, even those educational curriculums will vary, depending on the regions or districts where the curriculum is being used.

What one probably means when asking if Everything Homeschooling provides a curriculum is: Do we provide a "packaged curriculum"?

A "packaged curriculum" is not the best educational resource for homeschooling your children.

Why not? Because every child is unique, every child has his or her own learning styles, and every child learns at his or her own pace. A "packaged curriculum," on the other hand, is not designed specifically for your individual child's learning style, pace, or interests.

At, we help YOU help your children learn, by providing Weekly Homeschool Lessons and Homeschool Activities that interest YOUR CHILDREN. Plus, this Homeschool Curriculum can be adapted to YOUR CHILD's individual learning styles and abilities, at any time.

The best Homeschool Curriculum is the one that captures your children's interests, keeps them wanting to learn more, and helps them retain what they've learned. This occurs when the homeschool lessons are fun, interesting, and hands-on. And also because the homeschool curriculum is adaptable, flexible, and varied -- to work for YOUR child!

This is the type of homeschool curriculum we offer at It's easy to use, very affordable, and, above all, it helps to make your homeschool successful, interesting, and enjoyable, as well as educational for your child.

Happy homeschooling!