Thursday, June 17, 2010

Homeschool Graduation, Homeschool Diploma, and College

Yes, you can issue your child a high-school diploma through your own privately established homeschool and by keeping high-school transcripts of your child's credits earned.

As stated by the U.S. Department of Education:

"Home schoolers should be admitted to colleges and granted financial aid without having to take additional tests beyond what is required of traditionally schooled students. Ignoring a home school graduate’s diploma and requiring him to take a GED, SAT II, or ability-to-benefit test, while graduates from traditional high schools are not required to do so, is discriminatory." (Quoted from HSLDA's website: Home School Diplomas for College Admittance at

What is a diploma?

A high-school diploma is simply a document stating that your child has completed his or her high-school education according to the standards you set for your child's overall education. The diploma you issue is proof that your child did meet your standards, did earn the appropriate number of credits during the high school years, and has completed his or her high-school education.

What's more important than the diploma:

Your child's:

* Overall education
* Happiness
* Character
* Knowledge base
* Capabilities
* Growth and development
* Quality of life
* Desire to learn (now and in the future)
* Happiness in his or her future, career, and life.

Happiness, knowledge, the ability to learn and be self-dependent, to have morals and values to believe in and adhere to, to have goals and desires, to awaken each day with excitement and enthusiasm for life and learning -- these are true, meaningful accomplishments. No diploma, nor certificate, nor piece of paper can adequately measure and convey these accomplishments as accurately and realistically as the child or young person with that glow of excitement and enthusiasm for life and learning.

Your child can attend college:

Remember that you can award your child a high-school diploma, your child can attend college and apply for financial aid, and your home-educated child cannot be discriminated against, as stated by the U.S. Department of Education.

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Happy homeschooling!