Friday, February 12, 2016

Presidents Unit Study

Our Presidents Unit Study covers the following topics:

Social Studies
Research Skills
Current Events
Living History
Thinking Skills
Arts and Crafts

Objective: To learn more about the presidents of the United States, their background, the White House, and to take a virtual field trip of the presidency.

Age Level: Adaptable to your children's ages and interest levels

Length of Time: Ranging from a few days to a month, depending on your child's interest

Printable Log Sheets: Print the Log Sheets for recording your Unit Study activities: Log Sheet PDF.

More Unit Studies are available on our website at, along with Weekly Lessons in all subject areas.

Happy homeschooling!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Heart-Health Activities + Valentines

Heart-Health Activities: February is American Heart Month, highlighting the importance of healthy hearts, fun activities, and healthy foods. The heart-themed activity sheets featured on our Fun Learning page can help your children learn more about healthy hearts.

1. Print a Heart diagram and/or a “Heart House” diagram to learn more about the workings of the heart.

2. Print a Healthy Heart Coloring Page featuring healthy foods.

3. Print a Heart Healthy Calorie Calculation Math Sheet, helping to solve math problems while counting calories.

4. Print a Move-It Minutes Tracking Chart, to track time spent on active play or daily exercises.

5. Print a Count Your Steps Tracking Chart, to track the number of steps achieved on walks or runs.

6. Have your child draw an illustration of a working heart. Then see how many parts of the heart he or she can label correctly.

7. Encourage children to design and create their own Valentine's Day cards. Then compare their creations to the illustrations of working hearts. In what ways do their creations resemble working hearts? Have fun and be creative!

Keep these activity sheets, illustrations, and creations in your child's portfolio or learning logs.

See for these and hundreds more learning activities.

Weekly lessons are also available for 9 months of learning fun in all subject areas!

Happy homeschooling!