Thursday, April 30, 2009

Successful Homeschool Activities

Successful homeschool experiences are most often the result of "student-driven interest" and the willingness to be flexible and adaptable to the learning opportunities that present themselves each day.

We hear from many parents who are thinking about homeschooling their children. Some of their most-pressing questions revolve around "grading" and "testing" their children. However, grading and testing are tools that are used for judging a large mass, when you, otherwise, do not have the time nor opportunity to determine a child's true knowledge, skills, and abilities, one-on-one.

Most tests simply show how well children do in taking tests. They are an indication of test performance, and little more.

When considering homeschooling or a homeschool curriculum, try not to become overly concerned about "grading" and "testing." "Grading" is done through discussing each day's learning experiences with your children. "Testing" is achieved through observing their strengths and weaknesses in the subjects and topics you've been covering.

Yes, tests can be "interesting" and quizzes can be "fun" when they are kept in perspective. But for determining your child's learning successes, you can focus more on discussions and observations to see, first-hand, how well your child is progressing or where he or she might need extra help.

For more insight, read the articles from actual homeschooled students on our "Articles" page at Read "Confessions of an Autodidact" and "Taking a Look Back" to see how flexible homeschool activities and "student-driven interest" led to successful homeschool experiences.

Happy homeschooling!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Library Week Activities

Celebrate "National Library Week" by adapting these Book and Literature ideas in your Homeschool!

1. Select and Read New, Interesting Books
2. Try Fun, Unique Book Reports
3. See How to Create Silly Stories and Tales
4. Enjoy Author Activities and Learn About Authors
5. Create Your Own Picture Books
6. Turn Favorite Stories into Plays or Musicals
7. Construct Dioramas of Scenes from Favorite Books
8. Join a Kids Reading Club
9. Join a Teens Reading Club
10. Take Part in MORE Activities in Our FREE Writing Ideas Section!

Get started at by clicking our Free Writing Ideas!

Visit your local library this week, too, and thank your hard-working librarians!

Happy homeschooling!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Activities, Spring Activities, Homeschool Activities

Enjoy Spring and Easter Activities, freshly updated, on! What, exactly, IS Spring? Why do plants and animals "spring" to life in the Spring? What examples of "birth" and "rebirth" can you find this Spring and Easter?

Make flowers out of eggshells! Make eggs hatch from balloons! Visit our site to do these Easter activities!

Why are birds building nests now? What are nests made from, and how many different types of bird nests are there? How can you help birds during their nest-building season? Visit to learn more about birds, nest-building, and other Spring activities!

Spring is a wonderful time to make Nature a part of your Homeschool Lessons!

Happy Homeschooling!