Monday, September 24, 2012

Learning through Play + Free Learning Activities

The Importance of Play

Children learn naturally through play, curiosity, and exploring and pursuing the many topics that interest them on a daily basis. Through their play and explorations, children automatically acquire new knowledge, learn hands-on skills, and retain the information they acquire.

Children's play and interests are self-inspired. When learning is self-inspired, it takes on special meaning and is remembered for longer periods.

When children are curious about something, or they have a pressing need to learn a new skill, they become fully engrossed in the experience. Often, they challenge themselves to go further, research more, acquire new information, try new skills, make connections, and apply that new knowledge to their lives.

It's a natural learning process that makes sense to the child. Additionally, through play and explorations, children can "branch off" from their initial areas of interest and learn even more than they had anticipated!

Ask your children what skills or topics they would like to learn through playing this week! Then have fun learning together!

Free Learning Activities This Week

1. Animation Fun

2. Autumnal Equinox

3. Roman Numerals

4. Scientists & Inventions

5. Story Writing

6. Spelling Fun

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Happy Homeschooling!