Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Homeschool Year and Free Activities at Everything Homeschooling

A new homeschool year is beginning for many families. We at are also looking forward to the upcoming homeschool year.

We hope you enjoyed the Summer Activities on our site these past 3 months. Summer continues until September 22, so feel free to visit our "Summer Activities" page over the coming weeks. (See the "Summer Activities" button in the menu on the left of our website.)

This week we provide Free Activities for Monday through Friday, as noted on our Home page at The "Monday through Friday" Free Activities offer fun learning in:

1. Reading/Literature (Read a Book a Day)
2. History (Levi Strauss & Gold Rush)
3. Social Studies (Famous Explorers)
4. Science (Magnetic Experiments)
5. Math (Cooking + Baking)

Print the blank Weekly Planner Log Sheets from our "Homeschool Forms" page. (See the "Homeschool Forms" button in the menu on the left of our website.) Then jot down everything learned from the 5 "Monday through Friday" activities, in each of the subject areas.

Children will most likely take the 5 Activity Areas and run with them! Encourage and guide children in the activities at, and have a great start with the beginning of your homeschool year!

Happy homeschooling!