Friday, August 28, 2009

Homeschool Lessons for Grades K-12

See some of the Homeschool Lessons and Fun Activities covered in just the First 3 Weeks of the New Homeschool Year!

Then Join in the Fun at!

These Lessons and Activities are available at the appropriate learning levels for all Grades K-12 in the Weekly Lessons for Weeks 1 through 3. And there's much more available for all the weeks ahead!

For all the topics listed below, we provide Numerous Activities and Resources. This results in dozens of interesting activities in every Subject Area. And these are just a few examples of the First 3 Weeks!

Language Arts:
- Creative Thinking & Creative Writing
- Reading Exercises & Reading Comprehension
- Phonics + Spelling + Grammar Games
- Book-Making Activities
- Books-to-Read Suggestions
- "Reading Log" Updates
- Turning "Discussions into Writing"
- Creating Picture Books
- Authors Everyone Should Know
- Different Types of Literature
- Reading Literature "Right Here, Right Now!"
- Hundreds of Creative Writing Ideas & Story Prompts
- Reading & Language Arts Worksheets for All Grade Levels
- Book Suggestions for All Subjects Areas

Social Studies:
- Learning Geography through Animals
- Camviews Around the World
- Online Maps for Geography Studies of State, National, and World Regions
- Map-Making in Your Neighborhood
- How to Create "Virtual Maps"
- Historical Biographies
- Historical Buildings, Landmarks, & Architecture
- Creating & Recording Family Histories, Interviews, & Family Traditions
- Historical Figures
- Historical Events & Eras
- Worksheets for Social Studies, History, Geography, Government & Economics

- Devise New Ways to Measure
- Make Geometric T-Shirts
- Money Concepts & Shopping Games
- Math-Solving Rules & Strategies
- Mental Math Techniques
- Hands-On Math Fun
- Consumer Math & Economics
- Brain Boosters for Every Day
- Word-Problem Worksheets
- Worksheets on all Math Concepts, Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing, Fractions, Decimals, etc. + Advanced Math, Geometry, Graphing, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus

- Learning the Constellations
- Making a Constellation Viewer
- Planets and Solar System
- Constructing a Solar System
- Insect Zoos & Animal Zoos
- "New Creature Creations"
- Living Things vs. Nonliving Things
- Nature Walk Activities
- How to "Think Like a Scientist"
- Loads of Science Experiments
- Science Games + Science Worksheets for All Grades

Life Skills & Health:
- Cooking Activities
- Nutrition & Healthy Eating
- Physical Fitness
- Exercise Fun
- Activities for Endurance, Strength, & Flexibility
- Loads of Recreational Games
- Good Character Traits
- "Hero" Traits + Everyday Heroes/Heroines
- Heroes in Greek Mythology
- How to Be a Hero
- For Parents: How to Care for Self + Reduce Stress

Arts, Crafts, Music, Hobbies:
- Arts & Crafts to Keep You Busy All Year
- Art Games that Teach about Art & Artists
- Art Appreciation
- Art Timelines
- Musical Eras
- Composers & Compositions
- Musical Games & Instruments
- How to Make a Variety of Instruments
- Listening to & Singing Along with Dozens of Songs
- Constructing & Creating Crafts for Any Theme or Occasion

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Homeschool High School and Homeschool Curriculum

When homeschooling teens, it's helpful to understand that homeschooling isn't "school at home." Rather, it's a lifestyle, a natural part of everyday living and learning. If homeschooling tries to follow a "school format," the results can be disappointing, as well as boring. Teens, or children of any age, simply don't learn well if they are bored and have lost interest in learning.

Therefore, fun, flexibility, and following one's interests are key.

This doesn't mean that one needn't learn algebra, or needn't learn how to write a proper sentence, or needn't learn the anatomy of a frog. These things can easily be learned in a fun and interesting manner in the home environment. Then, while learning these topics, take the opportunity to branch off into other interesting areas, as well.

In school, while learning a topic, students might think, "Oh, I wonder why or how...." But they rarely get the opportunity to find an answer to their questions. The teacher keeps them on-task, or the bell rings, or they are otherwise interrupted, and that key learning opportunity -- finding an answer to their question -- is gone.

In the homeschool, though, teens can spend as much time as they like, sating their curiosity and finding the answers to their questions, so that learning is never-ending.

We at have made it easy, educational, and interesting to homeschool your high school teens -- or all of your children, from Grades K-12!

You can use for your sole homeschool curriculum in all subject areas, for all ages. Any books that you might want to use can be obtained from your local library. For instance, there are numerous books in the library covering biology and chemistry, along with illustrations of experiments and educational projects to do in your home.

Our Weekly Lessons in Science (and in all the other subjects) provide online resources, in case you're unable to get to the library or prefer not to use the library. On our site, you'll have the convenience of using online reference materials and hands-on project ideas for all your subjects, for all grade levels.

For credits earned, you can keep a High School Transcript. This Transcript can be printed from our Homeschool Forms page. Also, request the current High School Transcript from your child's high school, then add to it, as he or she completes each subject at the end of the semester and the end of the year. More on keeping a transcript, and recording credits earned, is available on our site at

When using our site for your homeschool curriculum, print out our Weekly Planner Logs (also available on our Homeschool Forms page) and jot down what your children do each day. Or, your teens can easily jot down what they do. For instance, if they dissected a frog, that goes under Biology. If they synthesized water, that's Chemistry. (We provide loads of links to science experiments in all branches of the sciences.)

The links in our Weekly Lessons include resources for reading about topics, plus hands-on projects, plus worksheet resources. All Subject Areas are covered on our site -- Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Life Skills/Health, and Arts/Music/Crafts/Hobbies.

In each of the Subjects, there are 5 to 7 educational activities, sometimes more. This provides plenty of learning activities for each week. And, more importantly, it provides lots of extra ideas for pursuing various areas of interest, so that teens and kids of all ages can acquire even more knowledge about topics that interest them.

Our Weekly Lessons are based upon "national curriculum guidelines." Yet, they are also flexible and wide-ranging, to help keep education interesting to children.

Our Weekly Lessons generally flow from week to week. Yet, we incorporate interesting games, new hands-on ideas, and freshly updated material that keep learning fun each week, for all grade levels.

Enjoy homeschooling with!

Happy homeschooling!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Homeschool Curriculum, Homeschool Lessons, Homeschool Activities

Keep Your Homeschool Easy, Fun, and Educational!

1. Homeschool Curriculum or Curriculum Guidelines are very helpful if you're not sure "what to teach." Find them at

2. Weekly Homeschool Lessons are provided for each week, too! Select from Grades K-2, Grades 3-6, Grades 6-9, or Grades 9-12, at Then start homeschooling today!

3. Daily Homeschool Activities are included to bring new knowledge and interest to each homeschool day at!

4. Hands-On Homeschool Activities provide science experiments, arts and crafts, and ongoing educational projects.

5. Unit Studies offer "learning across the curriculum" and interesting themes to keep variety and fun in your homeschool.

6. Online Field Trips provide additional opportunities to explore and absorb new knowledge, ideas, and experiences.

7. Weekly Challenges motivate children and teens to stretch their imaginations, thinking skills, and problem-solving skills to create or design new objects or ideas.

All this and more is available Every Day at!

Start Homeschooling Today, and Have a Happy Homeschool Year!