Sunday, March 27, 2011

Homeschool Science, Math, Reading, Writing, Art, and More!

Read articles by homeschool families on how they teach Science, Math, Reading, Writing, Art, and more!

Plus, read articles by homeschoolers on how they taught themselves and pursued their own education! All available here:

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Story Writing and Poetry by Homeschoolers

Remember to visit our "Creative Corner" page, which features a short story written by Gracie, an 8-year-old homeschooler from Missouri.

Read her exciting kite-flying story on the "Creative Corner" page at:

Check out the poems by Ashley, Nichole, Tianna, Kayla, and other homeschoolers, too.

Boys, we'd like more writings from YOU! Don't be shy -- share your stories, poems, haiku, book reviews, or other creative writings!

Whether you're a boy or girl, teen or toddler, send us YOUR stories, poetry, and creative writings! We'll publish them on our "Creative Corner" page.

For story prompts and creative writing ideas, see our "Daily Writing" page at

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Crafts & Fun

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Everything Homeschooling!

Who was the patron saint of Ireland? Where is Ireland? What are some of the legends surrounding St. Patrick? Are any of the legends true? What is the significance of a shamrock?

Visit our "Free Activities" page to find out! Then have fun with these crafts:

- Sprouting Shamrocks
- Leprechaun Friends
- Shamrock Balloons

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Homeschool Activities, Creative Writing, & Homeschool Freebies

This month's Free Homeschool Activities include:

  * Creating a Historical Timeline
  * Learning about the Equator
  * Geography Fun
  * St. Patrick's Day Crafts, and more!

See our Free Homeschool Activities at:

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The "Creative Corner" page features a short story written by Gracie, an 8-year-old homeschooler from Missouri.

Read her exciting kite-flying story on our "Creative Corner" page at:

Remember to send in your stories, poetry, or other creative writings, too!

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Homeschool Freebies available this month are:

* The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book


* 1-Year Subscription to

Enter to win one of the above on our Homeschool Freebies page at:

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