Thursday, October 16, 2008

Creating Homeschool Lessons & Homeschool Activities

It's not difficult to create Homeschool Lessons or Homeschool Activities. It starts with "wondering" and "thinking."

These are two critical abilities that some people "don't have time for" in their busy days. But it's imperative that people shift their priorities, so that they do, indeed, have plenty of time for wondering and thinking about a wide variety of topics each day. Especially homeschool families!

What is it that sets human beings apart from animals? "Wondering" and "thinking" are a couple of those elements that distinguish humans from animals.

Right there is a Homeschool Lesson, in itself. For your Homeschool Activities today, have children think of how many ways humans and animals differ from each other. Have them look at and compare pictures of both, research and consider instincts of both, wonder and think about the qualities of each species. Then write a descriptive paper on what they learned, along with drawings and illustrations, depicting some of the differences between humans and animals.

Wonder. Think. This is how Homeschool Lessons and Homeschool Activities are created, and enjoyed, and learned from.

Brainstorm with your children on more ideas that THEY would like to learn about. And, for more ideas and encouragement for your homeschool, be sure to visit!

Happy homeschooling!

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