Saturday, August 6, 2011

Easy Homeschool Forms for Keeping Homeschool Records

Our Homeschool Forms make record-keeping easy!

Subscribers can print and use the following homeschool forms from our site.

* Weekly Planner Logs - Includes space for recording daily lessons for all subjects, week by week. Tip: Use the 36 Weeks of Lessons on our site. Then jot down the activities for each subject area each day, along with any other educational activities you do.

* Reading Logs - Includes space for recording all books read, plus all reference materials you use, along with the authors' names.

* Attendance Records - For recording the days that your homeschool is "in session."

* Report Cards - For recording your child's grades, if desired.

* High School Transcripts - For recording grades and credits earned in each subject, semester by semester, year by year.

* Notice of Intent to Homeschool - For submitting to your school district, if required.

* Educational Philosophies & Educational Goals - For determining the directions you want to go with your homeschool, along with your goals and expectations for your child's education.

* High School Diploma - For awarding to your child upon his or her graduation, when your child has met the goals and standards you set for your family's homeschool.

To print these Homeschool Forms, click the "Homeschool Forms" button in the menu on the left of our site.

Happy homeschooling!

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