Sunday, March 22, 2020

Fun Experiments!

Fun, Hands-On Experiments! Here are Dozens of Fun Experiments to keep kids learning in all areas of science.

1. Slime, Sound, Iso-Thixotropy, Air Pressure, Airplanes, Buoyancy, Cartesian Diver, and more!

2. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Forensics, Fingerprints, Floating & Sinking Objects, Magic Jumping Coins, Swimming Fish, Wriggle Worms, and much more!

3. Hovercraft, Levitating Orbs, Balloon Rockets, Geodes, Volcano, Bending Water, Optical Illusions, and more!

4. Technology, Geology, Lights, Liquids, Jet-Powered Boats, Bouncing Soap, Dancing Raisins, Telescopes, Solar Cells, and much more!

Happy Homeschooling from!

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