Saturday, July 25, 2020

Homeschool Help for All Families

As families struggle with decisions regarding the new school year – whether to keep kids at home, send them to school, or use virtual school programs – remind friends and neighbors that homeschooling is always an option. If school choices don’t work out, homeschooling can usually be implemented at any time during the year.

Even if parents are working full-time, homeschooling can occur in the evenings or on weekends. That’s because just 1 to 2 hours is required per day, on average. Often, the time parents spend helping schooled children with homework in the evenings can consume 1 to 2 hours per night. That time could, instead, be used for homeschooling.

New ideas and fun learning activities will be provided at, as we approach “back-to-school” days.

Our site will be even easier to use as we go forward. Parents deserve simplicity in their lives, especially now. Families need dependable, reliable resources for keeping their kids learning, motivated, and happy in a safe and healthy environment. will be here to help families, every day, all year long!

Visit us often in the coming days and weeks!

Happy homeschooling!

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