Monday, July 18, 2022

Everything Homeschooling Returns 2022!

Yes, is returning here this year! The Covid pandemic is subsiding, thankfully. But it reminded us of something we've always known: learning can take place anywhere, anytime. Buildings or facilities, away from the security and comfort of home, are not required for learning. Why? Because children naturally learn every day. How? Because children are naturally curious, always seeking answers to their many questions.

We, as human beings, are born curious. It's an important driving force for how we learn. We are inquisitive, by nature, always wanting to learn more. We do not require teaching facilities. We only require people who respect our curiosity, our thoughts, and our ideas, who are willing to listen, and to provide guidance in finding the answers we seek. This is what our children need, possibly now more than ever before.

And we at Everything Homeschooling will be here to help guide and assist in your educational and learning adventures. If you have questions, email us at

We'll be adding more information in the weeks to come. Meanwhile, think about the things your children have learned this summer, either on their own or with you. Ask them what new things they might want to learn, or new hobbies or activities they'd like to try, in the days and weeks to come. Learning will naturally occur as they pursue the activities they most enjoy!

Happy homeschooling!

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