Tuesday, January 3, 2023

New Year, New Ideas, New Interests, New Learning!

It’s a New Year and Time for New Ideas, New Interests, New Learning! You can try to learn something new every day, but if that’s not always feasible, definitely try to learn at least 52 new things this year. That’s 1 new thing you can learn each week of the year.

Here’s a few to get you started:

1. “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” said Albert Einstein. What do you think he meant by this? He felt that imagination opened up an entire world of possibilities. And he felt that imagination was a major factor in scientific research. How do you use your imagination? You can imagine a make-believe world, imagine a new world, imagine a new story, new song, new artwork, new adventures, new ideas. It’s all possible, because you have imagination! Imagine and create new things this week!

2. “Creativity is intelligence having fun,” Albert Einstein said. When you are having fun creating things, you are using your intelligence! Create clay objects, create a wire sculpture, create twirling mobiles, create with construction kits, create a building, create a model, create art, create whatever interests you. And you’ll know you’re using your intelligence, creating, learning, and having fun this week!

3. “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled,” said Plutarch, a Greek philosopher. By kindling a fire or sparking an idea in your mind, you are filled with excitement, curiosity, new interests, and new learning! When an idea excites or interests you, learning naturally occurs. This is because you are excited about it and want to learn all you can about it. Be excited and curious, and learn more this week!

4. “Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning,” observed writer William Arthur Ward. Imagine this: Without a wick, a candle can’t burn very well. Without curiosity, one can’t learn very well. Find ways to spark your own curiosity this week by asking questions like: “What if? How? Why? Who? When? Where?” Regardless of the subjects you might be studying this week, be curious about them. Ask more questions! Go further! Be curious! Learn more!

5. “Ask questions and you will gain new knowledge,” many have observed. If the tower you built collapsed, ask why and how you can keep it from collapsing the next time. If the clay sculpture you created didn’t turn out as expected, ask how you might improve it next time. If the story you wrote isn’t as exciting as you’d hoped, ask what characters or situations could liven it up. If this week’s history lesson, or math lesson, or science experiment is confusing or dull, ask what activities could make the lessons more exciting, more real, more fun, more clear. When you ask yourself, or others, you will find answers, every day and every week!

Explore! Experiment! Imagine! Create! Read! Write! Play! Build! Ask! Seek! Research! Be Curious! Be Innovative! Be Adventurous!

Resolve to make this new year an exciting one filled with fun, imaginative, creative learning!

Happy homeschooling every week of this new year!

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