Wednesday, August 16, 2023

40+ STEM and STEAM Activities

Create your own STEM Academy! We hear a lot about STEM School or STEM Academy or STEAM Projects.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.

STEAM includes Art, so it's Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math.

Here are 40+ STEM and STEAM Activities to start your own STEM Academy!

Note: If you keep Lesson Logs, these activities fall under Science, Math, Technology, Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, History, Arts, Research Skills, and Life Skills. Take the ideas and run with them!

40+ STEAM and STEM Activities with links to projects:

* Bubble Flute (Click here)
* Rainbow Colors Experiment (Click here)
* Musical Glass Xylophone (Click here)
* Kite Creation (Click here)
* Bridge Building (Click here)
* Skyscraper Construction (Click here)
* Dome Building Project (Click here)
* Miniature Furniture Creations (Click here)
* Sailboat Creations (Click here)
* Snack Pulley Project (Click here)
* Solar Race Cars (Click here)
* Solar Leaf + Art Projects (Click here)
* Battery Potato Clock (Click here)
* Radio from Bottle (Click here)
* Motor Construction (Click here)
* Tiny Dancers Creation (Click here)
* Magic Wand Creation (Click here)
* Spectroscope Construction (Click here)
* Coding Card Game (Click here)
* Coding with Hotwheels (Click here)
* Coding Unplugged Activities (Click here)
* Flappy Bird Coding Game (Click here)
* Food Color Fireworks (Click here)
* Color Separation Experiment (Click here)
* Slippery Slime Creations (Click here)
* Glow-in-the-Dark Slime (Click here)
* Glitter Slime (Click here)
* Modeling Clay (Click here)
* Glue from Milk (Click here)
* Colorful Candy Crystals (Click here)
* Ice Cream in a Bag (Click here)
* Soda Bottle Explosion (Click here)
* Volcano Variations (Click here)
* String Art Creations (Click here)
* Math Art Projects (Click here)
* Math LEGO Tessellations (Click here)
* 3D Art Tessellations (Click here)
* Marble Course Creations (Click here)
* LEGO Maze (Click here)
* Colorful Cardboard Maze (Click here)
* Math Infinity Fun (Click here)
* Magic Squares Math Practice (Click here)

Remember to discuss and review the projects together. Take photos and record the experiments and activities. Have kids write descriptions of their experiments and their thoughts on them.

Brainstorm ways to build upon the activities or create variations of them. Then plan future projects for more STEM and STEAM fun and learning!

Happy homeschooling!

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